Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata

Application for Non-teaching posts


Result/ Status of Application:

Advt. No. IISER-K/Rectt. NT-02/2019/Admn., Dated 22.08.2019

Junior Assistant:

Advt. No. IISER-K/Rectt. NT-01/2018/Admn., Dated 25.05.2018
Advt. No. IISER-K/Rectt. NT-02/2019/Admn. Dated 22.08.2019

Assistant Registrar:

Advt. No. IISER-K/Rectt. NT-01/2018/Admn., dated 25.05.2018

Junior Assistant (Multi Skill):

Advt. No.: IISER-K/ Admn./ NT-Rec./2021/01, Dated: 25.04.2021

Deputy Registrar [on Deputation basis for a period of three years]

Advt. No. IISER-K/Rectt. NT-02/2019/Admn., Dated 22.08.2019

Technical Assistant:

Archive Applications:

Advt. No. IISERK/Rectt. NT-02/2019/Admn, dtd. 22.08.2019

Laboratory Technician:

Advt. No.: IISER-K/ Admn./ NT-Rec./2021/02, Dated: 01.06.2021

Lady Medical Officer:

Advt. No. IISERK/Rectt. NT-01/2019/Admn, dtd. 19.02.2019

Junior Superintendent:
Advt. No.: IISER-K/Admn/NT-Rec/2020/01 Dated: 30.12.2020

Deputy Registrar:
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