Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Integrated PhD Programme

(1) What is the amount of Fellowship?
Fellowship of Rs 10,000.00 per month will be given in the first two years if a student commits to be in the programme till the completion of PhD degree. On successful completion of the first two years' academic programme and clearing the comprehensive examination for the PhD Programme, the students will be awarded a Junior Research Fellowship and HRA, if applicable.

(2) Is hostel mandatory?
Yes, hostel is mandatory for the first two years.

(3) Is there any exit Policy after Masters degree?
The Senate in its recent meeting has decided to abolish the exit option, because the Integrated PhD programme cannot be seen as an avenue of doing a paid master's degree. However, since the 2019 batch was not informed about this policy change, they will be allowed to exercise option of reserving right to quit the programme after master's (in which case they will not get Fellowship).

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