Doctor of Philosophy Programme (DBS)

PhD Advertisement for Spring 2018 semester (DBS)

Applications are invited from motivated candidates having master's degree such as M.Sc/MS/ME/M.Tech/MVSc/MSc(Ag) degree or equivalent (with minimum 55% marks) in:

  1.   Any branch of biological sciences to pursue research in the broad fields of cellular and molecular biology, cancer biology, developmental biology, structural biology, chemical biology, plant biology, behavioral biology and ecology, genetics, marine biology, neurobiology, biodiversity, microbiology, biophysics, bioinformatics, biotechnology, food technology and theoretical biology. Candidates from agricultural science (such as genetics and plant breeding) and nutritional science backgrounds are also encouraged to apply.
  2. OR

  3.   Chemistry / physics / statistics / mathematics / computer application / computer science to pursue research in the interdisciplinary research areas as specified in the table below:

Interdisciplinary Research Area

Preferred background of the student from other areas

Gene regulatory networks using NGS approaches and plant signaling and genomics

Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Statistics, Computer Application, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Analytical Chemistry

Structural biology, biomolecular NMR, cryo-electron microscopy, image processing, molecular modeling, molecular dynamics simulations etc.


Computer Science, Chemistry

Nanomedicine, drug delivery, biomimetic chemistry , chemical biology, supramolecular chemistry, applied biomaterials, cancer biology

Chemistry having specialization in organic chemistry


Neuro-immunology, Neural stem cell neology, Neuro-Virology, Neuropathology,Neuro-Computational Modelling, Neuro-Structural Biology, Neuro-oncology

Mechano-biology employing fluorescence imaging, interference reflection microscopy, PDMS based cell stretching, micropatterning, optical trapping, traction force microscopy, image/data Analysis Physics/Biophysics/Chemistry/Biochemistry/Chemical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Computer Science


Candidates funded through a valid fellowship like UGC/CSIR-NET JRF, DBT-JRF, ICMR-JRF, INSPIRE or other equivalent fellowships are strongly encouraged to apply.


Institute funded PhD students

A limited number of institute fellowships are available for students interested to work specifically in the following research areas/labs. These candidates may have qualified one of the prestigious national level examinations such as NET-LS, JGEEBILS, GATE, etc. and should satisfy other minimum eligibility criteria. Candidates should clearly mention their area of interest in their SOP.

Area 1: Biochemistry/Cell biology: a) Minimum Essential Qualification: M.Sc./MD degree with minimum 55% marks in chemistry/ Biochemistry/Nutritional science/ medical science or related subjects. Candidates must have qualified prestigious national level examinations like NET, JGEEBILS, GATE etc b) Desirable Qualification: Preference will be given to candidates with Laboratory experience. Acquaintance in the area of biochemistry will be a plus. Good knowledge in chemistry is also desirable.

Area 2: Area: Experimental Cell Biophysics/Mechanobiology. Minimum Qualification: MS/M.Sc. in Life Sciences/Physics/Physical Chemistry with minimum 55% marks. Must have qualified NET/JGEEBILS/GATE. Desirable: A keen interest in biology and microscopy; experience in wet lab/ cell culture; basic knowledge of programming.

Project funded PhD student
Eligibility for project funded PhD students:
A PhD position for a project titled "Harnessing physically diverse nanoscale materials for siRNA delivery to overcome cancer resistance." is open.
The interested candidates should clearly mention their area of interest in their SOP.
Area: Peptide based therapeutics, Nanobiotechnology, Cancer Biology and Cell Biology.
Essential Qualification: M.Sc in Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Zoology, with minimum 55% marks, Candidates needs to have CSIR/UGC NET-LS/valid GATE score/INSPIRE.
Additional experience (desirable): Exposure to cell biology, nanotechnology, peptide based work and it is desirable that candidate have publication.

* Please note that fulfilling the minimum essential criteria does not ensure that a candidate will be called for the interview. Additional short-listing criteria might be set by the department based on academic records, experience and research interest of the candidates.

The profiles of the faculty members of the department can found in the following URL:Click Here